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Elevated CO2 Stimulates Micropropagation of Potatoes
Pruski, K., Astatkie, T., Mirza, M. and Nowak, J.  2002.  Photoautotrophic micropropagation of Russet Burbank potato.  Plant, Cell and Environment 69: 197-200.

What was done
The authors grew microcuttings of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) for four weeks in environmental chambers receiving ambient air and air enriched with an extra 1200 ppm of CO2 to study the effects of elevated CO2 on the micropropagation of this important agricultural species.

What was learned
Relative to cuttings grown in ambient air, elevated CO2 increased the average number of nodes per stem by 64%, average stem dry weight by 92%, and average shoot length by 131%.

What it means
In controlled environmental conditions, atmospheric CO2 enrichment significantly increased the size and biomass of plantlets, thus reducing the time required to produce propagules for transplanting into commercial potato fields.  Although economic costs of CO2 enrichment were not considered in this study, commercial collaborators involved in the research were "pleased with the CO2 enrichment results."

Reviewed 29 May 2002