Learn how plants respond to higher atmospheric CO2 concentrations

How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 16 Number 45:  6 November 2013

A Word to the Wise Farmer (and those who follow in his footsteps): Check out the many cultivars of the crops you plant with respect to their responsiveness to atmospheric CO2 enrichment.

Subject Index Summary
Growth Response to CO2 with Other Variables (Ozone: Miscellaneous Trees): Ozone, a true pollutant of the lower atmosphere, can wreak havoc on much of earth's plant life; and, therefore, we here examine the scientific literature pertaining to this phenomenon and how its negative effects may be thwarted by atmospheric CO2 enrichment in a number of different tree species.

Journal Reviews
ENSO Teleconnections in CMIP Models Simulating Precipitation: How well do the models mimic the teleconnections?

Predicting Tropical Pacific Sea Surface Temperatures: What's new?

Life-Long Exposure of Scleractinian Corals to Elevated CO2: What do they have to do to survive the challenge? Would you believe nothing? Or next to nothing?

CO2 Effects on Hatch Size and Larval Growth of Walleye Pollock: Are they positive or negative?

How Coccolithophorids Respond to Ocean Acidification: Well, how do they respond? ... or should we ask how well do they respond? ... or both?

Soil Nitrogen & Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment of Natural Grassland: How are the two phenomena similar? ... and how do the two phenomena differ?