How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Growth Response to CO2 with Multiple Variables

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Growth Response to CO2 with Other Variables (Multiple Variables)


* -- The Response of Sorghum to Elevated CO2, Water Stress and Nitrogen Availability

* -- The Interactive Effects of Temperature, CO2 and Water Availability on Thale Cress

* -- The Mitigating Influence of CO2 on Drought and Heat Stress in Wheat

* -- The Interactive Effects of CO2, Phosphorus Supply and Cyanobacterial Inoculation on Cowpea

* -- The Competitiveness of Oilseed Rape vs Wild Mustard in a Future Climate

* -- Interactive Effects of CO2, Salinity and Water Level on the Growth of a Coastal Halophyte

* -- The Interactive Effects of Elevated CO2, Phosphorus and Cyanobacteria Seed Inoculation on Mungbean

* -- Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Interactions with Abiotic Plant Stresses

* -- The Combined Effects of CO2, Temperature and Drought on Wheat

* -- CO2-Enriched Air Reduces Effects of Heat Waves During Droughts

Newly-Discovered Wheat Genes Up-Regulated by Heat and Drought

Interactive Effects of Elevated CO2, Excessive Warmth and Water Stress on Photosynthesis and Growth of Canola

U.S. Mid-Atlantic Temperate Forest Growth Over the 20th Century

The Projected Response of a Swiss Grass-Clover Sward to Increasing CO2 and Climate Change Over the 21st Century

Forest Response to Predicted CO2-Induced Climate Change in the Tianshan Mountains of China

California Dreamin': Some Remarks on a Recent Study of Grassland Responses to a Number of Global Environmental Changes and the Inverted Interpretation of the Study's Findings by Science Magazine and Many, Many Others