How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Global Warming

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Global Warming


Testing Basic Assumptions of the CO2-induced Global Warming Hypothesis

Are Skeptical Science Reports Good for Science?

Is Natural Variability or Anthropogenic Activity Driving Antarctic Climate?

The State of Earth's Climate 2009

On Assessing Surface Air Temperature Trends

TAR vs SAR: The Triumph of Storyline over Science

In Defense of James Hansen's "Alternative Scenario" for Fighting Global Warming

400,000 Years of Atmospheric CO2, Methane and Temperature Data: What Can They Tell Us?

Are the Near-Surface Air Temperature Data We Possess Precise Enough to Detect a Component of Historical Global Warming that Can Confidently Be Attributed to the Model-Predicted Greenhouse Effect of the Past Century's Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions?

Ecological Changes in Tropical Montane Cloud Forests: Harbingers of Global Warming?

The Little Ice Age in China

Has CO2-Induced Global Warming Been Wrongly Accused of Decimating Cloud-Forest Ecosystems?

Why We All Love Wally Broecker

There Are Bigger Environmental Fish to Fry Than Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions

A Diminished Kyoto Protocol

Assessing the Potential for Serious Global Warming

Two Crises of Unbelievable Magnitude: Can We Prevent One Without
Exacerbating the Other?

The Current and Future Status of Climate Change Science

Elitist Leaders Out of Step with Scientific Reality

Sound the Alarm Bells!

Global Warming Non-Effects on a Subalpine Ecosystem

Predicting the Past: It's Really Not That Difficult

Extreme Temperature Days: Changes in Frequency of Occurrence

Never Say Never Unless You Really Know What You're Talking About

A Dubious Climate History Lesson

Urban Warming With No Change in Population

The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men . . .

Urban Heat Islands of Small Towns

Unsuspected Urban-Induced Warming

Prudence Misapplied

We Think the Scientist Doth Protest Too Much

Bush and Gore on Global Warming: Sizing Up the Candidates

The Urbanization of America's Watersheds: Climatic Implications

Baiting Segments of the U.S. Economy to Grease the Wheels for Senate Ratification of the Kyoto Protocol

Global Warming Acknowledgement Appropriate...Subsidiary Conclusions Still Flawed

Then Again Rethinking Climate Change

Global Ocean Warming: How Much and Why?

CO2 Exchange in Arctic Tundra Ecosystems

Position Paper on Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming: Where We Stand on the Issue

Are increasing global temperatures raising atmospheric CO2 concentrations?

CO2-Induced Global Warming: Pro and Con

What Consensus?

How long ago did scientists suspect global warming might occur from greenhouse gas emissions?

How does global warming vary as a function of CO2?

Feedback: How does global warming vary as a function of CO2?

Is Al Gore's stand on the issue backed by sound scientific data?

Global Warming: Is there cause for concern?

Will rapid warming be experienced as the air's CO2 content continues to rise?