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Austrian Alps
Büntgen, U., Esper, J., Frank, D.C., Nicolussi, K. and Schmidhalter, M. 2005. A 1052-year tree-ring proxy for Alpine summer temperatures. Climate Dynamics 25: 141-153.

A 1052-year summer (June-August) temperature proxy from high elevation Alpine environments in Switzerland and the western Austrian Alps (between 46°28' to 47°00'N and 7°49' to 11°30'E) was derived via regional curve standardization applied to ring-width measurements from living trees and relict wood. Described as a period of warmer temperatures preceding the Little Ice Age, the MWP was present from the beginning of the authors' record in AD 951 to ~ AD 1350. From their Figure 7a it can be estimated that the Medieval Warm Period was about 0.8°C cooler than the Current Warm Period, albeit the authors acknowledge that "the significance of this notion is limited, since the number of chronologies and samples is reduced in recent years."