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Swedish Scandes
Kullman, L. and Kjallgren, L. 2006. Holocene pine tree-line evolution in the Swedish Scandes: Recent tree-line rise and climate change in a long-term perspective. Boreas 35: 159-168.

The authors created an 11,000-year Pinus sylvestris tree-line history for the central and southern Swedish Scandes (61-66N, 12-15E) by merging data from three batches of radiocarbon-dated megafossil tree-remains. Based on a lapse rate of -0.6C per 100 m altitudinal rise, it may be inferred from their tree-line history (corrected for isostatic land uplift) that summer temperatures of that region during the 1940s may have been about 0.5C warmer than those of the region's Medieval Warm Period peak of approximately AD 850.