How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Gallipoli Terrace, Gulf of Taranto, Ionian Sea, Central Mediterranean
Taricco, C., Ghil,, M., Alessio, S. and Vivaldo, G. 2009. Two millennia of climate variability in the Central Mediterranean. Climate of the Past 5: 171-181.

Taricco et al. developed a high-resolution record of foraminiferal (Globigerinoides ruber) δ18O from a Central-Mediterranean (3945'53"N, 1753'33"E) sediment core that covers the last two millennia. As they describe it, several features of this record "clearly correspond to distinct climatic periods: the low δ18O values [= higher temperatures] near AD 1000 are associated with the Medieval Optimum, while the modern steep decrease since AD 1800 leads to even lower[= higher temperature] values."