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Crevice Lake, Yellowstone National Park, USA
Whitlock, C., Dean, W., Rosenbaum, J., Stevens, L., Fritz, S., Bracht, B. and Power, M. 2008. A 2650-year-long record of environmental change from northern Yellowstone National Park based on a comparison of multiple proxy data. Quaternary International 188: 126-138.

The authors state that "geochemical, stable-isotope, pollen, charcoal, and diatom records were analyzed at high-resolution in cores obtained from Crevice Lake" -- located at 45.000N, 110.578W -- with the goal of reconstructing "the ecohydrologic, vegetation, and fire history of the watershed for the last 2650 years to better understand past climate variations at the forest-steppe transition" in "the canyon of the Yellowstone River in northern Yellowstone National Park." This work revealed, in their words, that "the Crevice Lake data suggest a warm interval with dry winters between AD 600 and 850, followed by less dry but still warm conditions between AD 850 and 1100." MWP: AD 600-1100.