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Czech Republic
Bodri, L. and Cermák, V. 1997. Climate changes of the last two millennia inferred from borehole temperatures: results from the Czech Republic - Part II. Global and Planetary Change 14: 163-173.

In an attempt to discern a regional pattern of climatic variations in the Czech Republic over the past two thousand years, the authors reconstructed ground surface temperature histories from ninety eight boreholes within a 480 x 270 km2 study area centered at ~50 °N, 15.5°E. However, because the quality of many of the borehole reconstructions was regarded as problematic, the authors chose to assess "only the durations of the individual climate episodes and their culminations," and not the amplitudes during medieval times. Thus, they plotted the times of occurrence of the climatic temperature extremes (both maxima and minima) observed in each of the 98 surface temperature histories over the past 2000 years. Results indicated the presence of a "Little Climatic Optimum" of warmer temperatures between AD 1100 and 1400.