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Finland's Southern Boreal Forest, Near Savonlinna, Finland
Helama, S., Vartiainen, M., Kolstrom, T., Peltola, H. and Merilainen, J. 2008. X-ray microdensitometry applied to subfossil tree-rings: growth characteristics of ancient pines from the southern boreal forest zone in Finland at intra-annual to centennial time-scales. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 17: 675-686.

The authors applied x-ray microdensitometry to subfossil samples of Scots pine trees collected from the bottom sediments of six small lakes within the southern boreal forest zone near the city of Savonlinna in south-eastern Finland (6155'-6158'N, 2850'-2902'E), which covered the period AD 673-1788. This work revealed the occurrence of both the Medieval Warm Period (AD 975-1150) and the Little Ice Age (AD 1450-1625), between which periods there was a dramatic decline in tree-ring maximum density, indicative of a significant drop in summer growing-season temperature.