How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Web Site Awards
On this page we highlight the excellence awards our web site has received.  We are proud of what we produce and are pleased that other organizations recognize our efforts.

Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence on the World-Wide Web
The Dr. Matrix Award is presented to those sites that serve an active scientific curiosity.  Recipients are distinguished by the quality of their content alone.  The Center received this award for serving "the interests of discovery, mental enrichment and thoughtful enjoyment."  This award "doesn't go to 'cool' sites."  It "goes to the great sites."  It's not a daily or weekly award, but "an award based on presence, here and now."

StudyWeb -- one of the Internet's premier sites for educational resources for students and teachers -- awarded our web site its Academic Excellence Award, proclaiming our web site to be "one of the best educational resources on the Web."

The School Page
The School Page -- the Internet's largest and most responsive educational resource -- awarded the Center its Web Site Excellence Award, designating our site "among the best on the web."  Criteria for earning this award mandate that: (1) the major focus of the site is education, (2) the audience includes teachers or students, (3) the site is content-oriented, (4) the site is non-commercial, (5) the site is visually appealing and interactive, (6) the site is "Kid-Safe" and (7) the site exhibits that "something extra."

Eddnet awarded the Center its EddNet Gold Award.  Criteria for earning this award include (1) the quality of content, (2) an adequate amount of content, (3) useful, interesting and accurate information, (4) a site that is more than just links, (5) originality and (6) correct spelling and grammar.

European Distant Suns (EDS)
European Distant Suns awarded the Center its EDS Award.  This award is given to web sites that bring useful information to the masses.

Apple Country Web Design
Apple Country Web Design awarded the Center its Silver Apple Award.  This award recognizes the Center's website for its content, substance, and detail.