How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Fram Strait, Atlantic Ocean
Spielhagen, R.F., Werner, K., Sorensen, S.A., Zamelczyk, K., Kandiano, E., Budeus, G., Husum, K., Marchitto, T.M. and Hald, M. 2011. Enhanced modern heat transfer to the Arctic by warm Atlantic water. Science 331: 450-453.

Based on the identity and abundance of different planktic foraminifer associations found in a sediment core extracted from the Fram Strait of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Western Svalbard (78°54.94'N, 6°46.04E), Spielhagen et al. determined that the peak summer warmth of the MWP (~AD 750-1100) was about 1.8°C less than the peak summer warmth of the CWP.