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Yangtze River Delta, China
Yi, S., Saito, Y., Chen, Z. and Yang, D.Y. 2006. Palynological study on vegetation and climatic change in the subaqueous Changjian (Yangtze River) delta, China, during the past about 1600 years. Geosciences Journal 10: 17-22.

The authors analyzed arboreal pollen, non-arboreal pollen and spores contained in a sediment core retrieved from the Changjiang prodelta (3101.1'N, 12247.0'E). This effort revealed, in their words, "relatively warm/wet conditions comparable to [the] Medieval Warm Period (AD 910-1085) with a strengthen[ed] summer monsoon." Based on the findings of others, they further state that "the mean temperature during this period was 1-2C warmer than that of today." Since Yi et al.'s own work does not resolve actual temperature values, however, we classify this particular analysis as a Level 3 Study.