Learn how plants respond to higher atmospheric CO2 concentrations

How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Volume 16 Number 51:  18 December 2013

Boreal Wildfires in a Warming World: Will they increase or decrease?

Subject Index Summary
Extinction (The Possibilities for Migrating Plants): One of the great horror stories associated with predictions of CO2-induced global warming is that the warming will be so fast and furious that many species of plants will not be able to migrate towards cooler regions - poleward in latitude, or upward in elevation - at rates that are rapid enough to avoid extinction. This claim may sound logical enough ... but is it true?

Journal Reviews
Reconstructing the Increasing "Breath" of Earth's Biosphere: How well do the CMIP5 models perform in their attempts to do so?

Modeling Oceanic Carbon Uptake and Storage: Where do we currently stand in the ongoing endeavor?

The Medieval and Roman Warm Periods in the Western Swiss Alps: How were they detected? ... and how did their warmth compare with that of the Current Warm Period?

How CO2 Impacts Reproduction Among Cinnamon Anemonefish: Is the impact negative, as has long been believed? ... or is it neutral?? ... or even positive???

Beating the Heat: How Do Tropical Lizards Do It?: They seek out cooler micro-climates, just as we might rest in the shade of a tree.

Juvenile Barnacles in a Significantly Warmed and Acidified Ocean: Will they even be able to survive?