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Dark Ages Cold Period (Europe)

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Dark Ages Cold Period (Europe)

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* -- A 2000-Year Temperature History of the Mountainous West Eifel Volcanic Field of Germany

* -- Millennial Climate Variability Along the Coast of the Northwestern Iberian Peninsula

* -- Summer Temperatures in the Northern French Alps

* -- Climate History of Northern Europe During the Late Holocene

* -- Medieval Droughts of Northern Europe and Beyond

* -- Millennial Cycling of Climate on the Iberian Peninsula

* -- Climatic Fluctuations Recorded in a Southeastern France Coastal Lagoon

* -- 3500 Years of West-Central European Climate History

* -- A Pair of Two-Millennia-Long Climatic Records

* -- 3600 Years of Scandinavian Summer Temperature Variability

* -- A Climate History of the Northwestern Mediterranean Region

* -- A Multi-Proxy Approach to Peat-Based Climate Reconstruction

Cyclical Climate Change in Iberia

20th Century Warmth in Northern Swedish Lapland

Three Thousand Years of Climate Over the Norwegian Sea

The Climate History of the Holocene as Recorded in German Stalagmites

Human Impacts of Climate Change in Northwest Europe

Secrets of the Mediterranean Sea ... Revealed!

Climate and Vegetation in Iceland

Late-Holocene Sea Surface Temperatures of the North Icelandic Shelf

The Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age in Ireland