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Climate Model Inadequacies (General)

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Climate Models (Inadequacies: General)

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Analyzing Observed vs CMIP5 Model Simulations of Global Temperature

Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity is Over-estimated in a Key CMIP6 Model

Observed Rates of Arctic Warming Fail to Validate Model-based Projections

Struggling to Model Antarctic Surface Air Temperature Trends

Is Natural Variability or Anthropogenic Activity Driving Antarctic Climate?

Modelling Northern Hemisphere Atmospheric Blocking Systems

Some Significant Shortcomings of Current CMIP5 Climate Models

CMIP5 Modeling of Arctic and Eurasia Mid-Latitude Warming

Continental Energy Storage in CMIP5 Climate Change Simulations

Errors in Upper Tropospheric Water Vapor in CMIP5 Models

Modeling North American Extreme Temperature Events and Patterns

The Validity of 3rd - 5th IPCC Climate Model Projections for China

Some Unresolved Difficulties of Modeling Meteorological Droughts

CMIP3 and 5 Model Predictions of Precipitation and Temperature

Upper Atmosphere Temperature Trends Models vs Measurements

Never-Ending Biases of Models Projecting Tropical Climate Change

Evaluating Community Earth System Model (CESM) Performance

Climate Change in Northern Europe as per CMIP2, 3 and 5 Models

The Ability of CMIP5 Models to Hindcast Basic Climate Features

Another 100 Year CMIP5 Hindcast of Temperature and Precipitation

Modeling the Southern Annular Mode Antarctic SAT Connection

Near-Surface Atmospheric Variables in CMIP5 Models

The Equatorially-Asymmetric Mode of the Hadley Circulation

The State of Our Skill in Predicting Decadal-Scale Climate Change

Model Biases Leading to a Double Intertropical Convergence Zone

CMIP5 Models Struggle to Replicate 200 hPa Geopotential Height

The Current Status of Modelling Arctic Summer Storm Tracks

Lamenting the Double ITCZ Bias in CMIP5 Climate Models

Tropical Cyclones in High-Resolution Global Climate Models

Climate Model Biases in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer

Assessments of CMIP5-Derived Aerosol Distributions over India

Modelling the Recent History of Changes in the Walker Circulation

Ozone-Circulation Feedback: It's Effects on Climate Model Output

Biases in Climate Model-Derived Surface Air Temperature Trends

The Beijing Normal University Earth System Model (BNU-ESM)

Warm Biases and Climate Change Amplification in CMIP5 Models

Modeling the Mid-Holocene Atmospheric Circulation of Europe

Simulating Equatorial Pacific SST, Wind Stress and Surface Fluxes

CMIP5 Modeling of the Western Tropical Pacific Climate System

Representations of Aeolian Dust in CMIP5 Climate Models

CMIP5 Models Misinterpreting the North Atlantic Oscillation

How Well Do Current Models Simulate Holocene Climate Change?

Testing PMIP2 and CMIP5 Models Against Climates of the Past

Cool Season Anomalous Temperature Regimes in CMIP5 Models

Historical Diurnal Temperature Range Trends in CMIP5 Models

Some Incompatibilities of Global and Regional Climate Models

Recent Rapid Warming of Northeastern Canada and Greenland

Antarctic Sea Ice Trends of the Southern Ocean

CMIP5 Climate Model Biases

Can Earth's Two Hemispheres Get Their Climatic Act Together?

Twenty-five Climate Models Can't All Be Wrong ... Or Can They?

A Multi-Regional Climate Model Hindcast for Africa

Twenty-three Climate Models Can't Be Wrong ... Or Can They?

Evaluating CFSv2 Seasonal Hindcasts for the Period 1983-2010

Tropical Cyclone Activity as Expressed in CMIP5 Models

Assessing the Performance of CMIP3 GCMs in Southeast Australia

Modeling European Temperatures: CMIP5 Biases and Uncertainty

CMIP5 Models of North American Climate

The Four AR5 Climate Models Attempting to Replicate the AMO

Including the Stratosphere in Models of Global Climate Change

Modeling Volcanic Aeorsol Impacts on Atmospheric Water Vapor

Two Decades of Overestimated Global Warming

Modelling Thermal Characteristics of the Cold Point-Tropopause

The Top Ten Problems of the New-and-Improved ECHAM6 Model

Simulating California (USA) Extreme Heat Conditions

Atmospheric Blocking in the Northern Hemisphere

Solar and Planetary Influences on Global Climate Change

Simulating the MJO and Convectively Coupled Equatorial Waves

The Amundsen-Bellingshausen Seas Low in CMIP5 Climate Models

The North American Regional Climate-Change Assessment Program

Simulating North Atlantic Extratropical Cyclones

CMIP3 and CMIP5 Wind Stress Climatology

The Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP): Phase 3 vs. Phase 5

CMIP5 Backward Projections of Temperature and Precipitation

Modeling Temperature, Sea Level Pressure and Precipitation: CMIP5 vs. CMIP3

24 CMIP5 Global Climate Models Applied to the Tibetan Plateau

CMIP5 Earth System Models: Trying to Model Soil Carbon Stocks

Deficiencies of Modeled Temperature Extremes

Global Climate Model Simulations of Southern South America

Last Millennium Climate Simulations Still Falling Short of Reality

Meet the New Models: Are They Any Better Than the Old Models?

Climate Models: Still Struggling to "Get It Right"

Another Test of CMIP5 Models: What Problems Were Detected?

Storm-Track Activity: Modeled vs. Measured

Wind Speeds over China: AR5 Climate Models vs. Real-World Data

Tropical Upper Tropospheric Warming: Models vs. Measurements

How Well Do Climate Models Mimic Atmospheric Teleconnections?

Modeling Northern Hemispheric Winters

Biases in the Output of Global and Regional Circulation Models

CMIP3 Models Simulating Temperature and Precipitation in China

Model Simulations of Climatic Effects of Volcanic Eruptions

Climate Change in China Over the Past Century

Drifting Along with the CMIP3 Models

Testing Version 4 of the Community Climate System Model

Simulating the Present-Day Arctic Atmosphere

Tropical Influences on North Pacific Sea Surface Temperatures

Global Warming Fosters High-Latitude Cooling???

The Siberian High in a Supposedly Warming World

The Current Warm Period: Anthropogenic-Induced or Natural?

The Next Forty Years of Hypothetical Global Warming

The Case for a Quasi Sixty-Year North Atlantic Temperature Oscillation

Predicting Future Climate: How Good Are Today's Models?

Upper Tropical Tropospheric Temperature: Simulations vs. Reality

Predicting the Course of Climate Change Over the Next Decade

Abrupt Climate Change Simulations

Warming of the Tropical Upper Troposphere

Interannual Variability of 20th-Century Climate in CMIP3 Models

Model Assessments of Warming-Induced Changes in the Frequency of Northern Hemisphere Summer Cyclones

The Late-1980 Extratropical Warming of the Northern Hemisphere

Problems with Climate Models ... and Bill Gates' Confidence in Them

Assessing the Skill of Coupled Atmosphere-Land-Ocean Climate Models

Earth's Thermal Sensitivity to a Doubling of Atmospheric CO2

Arctic vs. Global Air Temperature Change

Tropospheric Humidity and CO2-Induced Global Warming

The Relative Merit of Multiple Climate Models

Irreversible CO2-Induced Global Warming?

Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on Earth's Climate

Temperature and Precipitation Extremes: Models vs. Reality

Three Decades of Modeling Climate Sensitivity to CO2

Climate Model Problems: VI. The Double-ITCZ Problem

Climate Model Problems: I. Temperature and Humidity

Concerning the Current Consensus on Climate Change

Simulating Northern Hemisphere Mid-Latitude Winter Atmospheric Variability

Global Warming and Climate Variability

A Significant "Hole" in "Unprecedented" 20th-Century Global Warming

How Sound Are Climate Model Simulations?

A UK Modeler's Personal Perspective on the Status of Climate Modeling

The Origin of Past (and Future?) Abrupt Climate Changes

Climate Models and the Sun-Climate Connection: Why the Two are Currently Incompatible

Assessing the Sensitivity and Accuracy of State-of-the Art Climate Models

The Climatic History of the Phanerozoic

Climate Model Malady: Inability to Recreate Cretaceous Warmth

The Fuzzy Predictions of State-of-the-Art Climate Models

Climate Models: Are They Improving?

A Fundamental Failure of Current Climate Models

The Role of Models in the CO2 Emissions Reduction Debate

Does Global Warming Enhance the Planet's Monsoon Circulations?

Indian Monsoon Rainfall: Effects of Global Warming

Convective Available Potential Energy: Mistreated by Models

The 13 May 2003 Testimony of Dr. John Christy Before the U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Resources

Splitting Hairs with a Hatchet: Climate Model Not Up to Task of Determining Real-World Tropospheric Temperature Trend

TAR vs SAR: The Triumph of Storyline over Science

Polar Amplification of Global Warming

Fifty Years of Pan Evaporation and Solar Radiation Data: What Do They Tell Us About Climate Change?

Debunking Modern Climate Myths

More Reasons to Question the Veracity of the Global Surface Air Temperature Record

Climate Model Inadequacies

Uncertainty About CO2 as a Climate Driver: Is It Increasing or Decreasing?

Testing The Current Generation of Climate Models

Biology Rules: On Land and at Sea

A Climate Model Reality Check

Cautions About Putting Too Much Faith in Climate Models

New Studies Erode Confidence in Climate Model Predictions

A New Test for Climate Models

What We Don't Know About CO2 and Climate

Are Climate Models Up to the Challenge Required of Them?

The Art of Swallowing Camels Just Got a Whole Lot Harder

Two Crises of Unbelievable Magnitude: Can We Prevent One Without
Exacerbating the Other?

The Unstable Sands of Climatic Uncertainty

The Greenhouse Effect is Real.  So What's New?

Rainfall Variability in West Africa: The Models Fail Again

Predicting the Past: It's Really Not That Difficult

Elevated CO2 Reverses Negative Impact of Global Warming in Model Simulations

Rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations Reduce Soil Erosion: Lessons for the New Millennium

Climate Change in Lapland

Real-World Data Show No Arctic Warming Over Last 70 Years

Predictive Skill: Guess How Many Climate Models Passed the El Niņo Test?

More Vegetation Cools the Planet

Lunar Tides and Climate Change

Yet Another Climate Model Flip-Flop

Global Warming and Soil Moisture Trends

It's a Complex World: Part 1

It's a Complex World: Part 2

A Matter of Faith

Climate Change of the Twentieth Century: Natural or Anthropogenic?

Questions, Questions, Questions: Is Climate Science Good Enough to Predict the Future with Any Confidence?

Why Worry About CO2?

Once Again, It's Measurements Versus Models

Future Climate: Difficulties in Modeling Complexity

Regional Climate Change

Climate Forcing vs. Climate Sensitivity: Is it a Valid Issue?

Climate Models Get Better, But Still Have Long Way to Go

Past Climate in Greenland

What Causes Heinrich Events?

Effects of Hurricanes on Atmospheric CO2

Effects of Atmospheric CO2 on Hurricanes

Stratospheric Impacts on the Troposphere