How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Dengloujao Reef, Leizhou Peninsula, China
Baofu, N., Tegu, C., Meitao, L. et al. 1997. Reef-forming corals in the Nansha Islands and adjacent reef areas and their relations with environmental changes. Beijing, Science Press, p. 29-67 (in Chinese).

Zicheng, P., Xuexian, H., Xiaozhong, L., Jianfeng, H., Guijian, L. and Baofu, N. 2003. Thermal ionization mass spectrometry (TIMS)-U-series ages of corals from the South China Sea and Holocene high sea level. Chinese Journal of Geochemistry 22: 133-139.

In an analysis of past sea level history in the South China Sea, Zicheng et al. (2003) cite the work of Baofu et al. (1997, in Chinese), who investigated palaeotemperatures of the coral reef at Dengloujao, Leizhou Peninsula, China (~20.25N, 110E) and reported that "sea-surface temperature at 1170 a B.P. is 2C higher than that at present time."