How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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The Greening of Planet Earth Confirmed Video Archive

In our newest video series, we bring to light the faulty science upon which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's 2009 CO2 Endangerment Finding was enacted, as the EPA failed to analyzed and account for critical (and very significant) direct and indirect benefits to both humanity and the natural world that result from CO2 emissions and fossil energy use, benefits of which, if included, would likely have reversed their decision. The series seeks to build public support and political will to reverse the 2009 Endangerment Finding and other Federal, State or local established or emerging policies aimed at eliminating CO2 emissions and fossil fuel use. New videos will be added at a rate of approximately two per month.

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Introduction to this Series (Uploaded 19 October 2019)
Watch this 9 minute introductory video explaining why the 2009 U.S. EPA CO2 Endangerment Finding should be repealed today.

Benefits of CO2 Emissions and Fossil Energy Use for Nature
CO2-induced Plant Productivity and Yield Increases (Uploaded 6 November 2019)
Far too many demonize and falsely label this important atmospheric trace gas a pollutant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of being shunned like the plague, the ongoing rise in CO2 should be welcomed with open arms. Why? Because plants love CO2. Far from being a pollutant, this colorless, odorless, tasteless and invisible gas is better than the best fertilizer ever invented. Essentially, it is the "food" that sustains all plants on the face of the earth. And the more of it they "eat" (or take in from the air), the bigger and better they grow.

CO2-induced Benefits to Plant Water Use Efficiency (Uploaded 17 December 2019)
As the atmosphere's concentration of carbon dioxide continues to rise in the years and decades ahead, plants will become ever-more efficient in their use of water thanks to incredible physiological changes brought about by this important trace gas. In short, they will need less water to produce the same or an even greater amount of biomass, which transformation holds significant ramifications for future plant drought resistance and global food production.

Additional video segments will be posted in this category soon!

Benefits of CO2 Emissions and Fossil Energy Use for Humanity
The Fortuitous Link Between CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth (Uploaded 2 December 2019)
This video segment discusses the proven fundamental link between CO2 emissions and economic growth. As countries have embraced and increased their production of fossil energy, their citizens have been amply rewarded with increased economic development and prosperity.

CO2 Emissions, Fossil Fuel Use and Human Longevity (Uploaded 9 January 2020)
This video segment discusses the fundamental link between CO2 emissions and global life expectancy. It is patently false and borderline fraudulent to claim rising CO2 is enhancing human mortality rates, as many often do, when the data clearly demonstrate there are more people on earth today who are living longer and better lives because of rising CO2 and fossil fuel use.

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The Absence of a Climate Catastrophe
Is Rising Atmospheric CO2 Causing Dangerous Global Warming? (Uploaded 25 November 2019)
Many people are concerned about the potential impacts of rising levels of atmospheric CO2. For years they have been bombarded with claims that unless its concentration is slowed or even reduced, dangerous global warming will ensue, producing all sorts of undesirable consequences with little to no positive effects. Watch this video to lean why this scenario is unlikely to occur and why CO2 is not the all-important driver of temperature that climate alarmists make it out to be.

Additional video segments will be posted in this category soon!

The Policy Fault
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