How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen Bay, China
Honghan, Z. and Baolin, H. 1996. Geological records of Antarctic ice retreat and sea-level changes on the northern bank of the Shenzhen Bay. Tropical Sea 4: 1-7.

Zicheng, P., Xuexian, H., Xiaozhong, L., Jianfeng, H., Guijian, L. and Baofu, N. 2003. Thermal ionization mass spectrometry (TIMS)-U-series ages of corals from the South China Sea and Holocene high sea level. Chinese Journal of Geochemistry 22: 133-139.

In an analysis of past sea level history in the South China Sea, Zicheng et al. (2003) cite the work of Honghan and Baolin (1996, in Chinese), wherein they say these authors found that "the climate temperature at 1000 a B.P. is 1-2C higher than that at present time," referring to the Futian section on the eastern bank of the Pearl River, Shenzhen Bay, China (~22.5N, 113.5E).