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Eastern Sierra Nevada Range, California, USA
Millar, C.I., King, J.C., Westfall, R.D., Alden, H.A. and Delany, D.L. 2006. Late Holocene forest dynamics, volcanism, and climate change at Whitewing Mountain and San Joaquin Ridge, Mono County, Sierra Nevada, CA, USA. Quaternary Research 66: 273-287.

Working with dead tree trunks located above the current treeline on tephra-covered slopes of Whitewing Mountain and San Joaquin Ridge south of Mono Lake just east of the Inyo Craters (3738'N, 11902'W) in the eastern Sierra Nevada range of California (USA), Millar et al. identified the species to which the tree remains belonged, dated them, and (using contemporary distributions of the species in relation to contemporary temperature and precipitation) reconstructed paleoclimate during the time they grew there. This work revealed that annual minimum temperatures during the Medieval Warm Period in the region they studied were "significantly warmer" (+3.2C) "than present."