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Bol'shoi Avam River, Putoran Plateau, North Central Siberia, Russia
Sidorova, O.V., Vaganov, E.A., Naurzbaev, M.M., Shishov, V.V. and Hughes, M.K. 2007. Regional features of the radial growth of larch in North Central Siberia according to millennial tree-ring chronologies. Russian Journal of Ecology 38: 90-93.

The authors developed a history of trunk radial growth increment of larch (Larix gmelinii Rupr.) trees in the middle reaches of the Bol'shoi Avam River on the northern edge of the Putoran Plateau, central Taimyr (7030'N, 9301'E) for the period AD 886-2003, which they found to be correlated with summer air temperature. This work revealed a period of time from the start of the record to approximately AD 1200, when inferred temperatures were generally much greater than those of the final decades of the 20th century.