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Dog Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Hallett, D.J., Mathewes, R.W. and Walker, R.C. 2003. A 1000-year record of forest fire, drought and lake-level change in southeastern British Columbia, Canada. The Holocene 13: 751-761.

The dendrochronological fire history of the forested area surrounding Dog Lake (50.77N, 116.1W) was compared with a high-resolution charcoal record derived from a sediment core extracted from the lake to reconstruct the region's fire history over the past 1000 years. In addition, the authors constructed a proxy record of lake-level change based on accumulation rates of Chara globularis-type oospores in the lake sediment core. These analyses revealed the presence of frequent forest fires and lowered lake levels during the Medieval Warm Period (AD 980-1270), which in the words of the authors support evidence of "warmer and drier climate than today."