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East-Central Tibet, China
Brauning, A. and Griessinger, J. 2006. Late Holocene variations in monsoon intensity in the Tibetan-Himalayan region - Evidence from tree rings. Journal of the Geological Society of India 68: 485-493.

The researchers analyzed δ13C data obtained from wood cellulose of annual growth rings of long-lived juniper (Juniperus tibetica) trees growing at a site in east-central Tibet at approximately 31.8N, 92.4E, which were significantly positively correlated with summer temperatures of the surrounding region. This exercise, in the words of Brauning and Griessinger, indicated "warm and dry conditions during the Medieval Warm Period between AD 1200 and 1400." In addition, their graph of the data revealed the peak temperature of the MWP to have been greater than the peak temperature of the CWP.