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Longxi Area of the Northeast Tibetan Plateau, China
Tan, L., Cai, Y., An, Z. and Ai, L. 2008. Precipitation variations of Longxi, northeast margin of Tibetan Plateau since AD 960 and their relationship with solar activity. Climate of the Past 4: 19-28.

The authors developed a precipitation history of the Longxi area of the Tibetan Plateau's northeast margin (~3430'N to 3618'N, 10325'E to 10610'E) since AD 960, based on an analysis of Chinese historical records. This history correlated well with the Northern Hemisphere's temperature record, yielding high precipitation when temperatures were high and low precipitation when temperatures were low; and it revealed the existence of an MWP that stretched from about AD 960 to 1230, with precipitation peaks (which we assume can be used to infer temperature peaks) in the vicinity of AD 1000 and 1215 that clearly exceeded all precipitation levels (and, we assume, temperature levels) of the CWP through the end of the record, which looked to be just a few years shy of AD 2000.