How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Disko Bugt, West Greenland
Lloyd, J.M. 2006. Late Holocene environmental change in Disko Bugt, west Greenland: interaction between climate, ocean circulation and Jakobshavn Isbrae. Boreas 35: 35-49.

Two marine sediment cores from Disko Bugt (69.17N, 51.33W), a large marine embayment along the west coast of Greenland, were analyzed to produce a proxy record of water temperature and salinity over the Holocene. Sedimentary and foraminiferal analyses revealed an increasing influence of Atlantic waters on the ocean temperature that culminated in "peak relatively warm and saline hydrographic conditions from c. 1664 to 474 cal. yr BP." Such peak warmth is noted by the authors to coincide with the well-known Medieval Warm Period.