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Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Dawson, S., Smith, D.E., Jordan, J. and Dawson, A.G. 2004. Late Holocene coastal sand movements in the Outer Hebrides, N.W. Scotland. Marine Geology 210: 281-306.

Dawson et al. (2004) conducted lithostratigraphical and biostratigraphical analyses of coastal marshes along the Atlantic coast of the Outer Hebrides (~58N, 7W) in order to create a proxy record of past coastal storminess in that region. Based on their findings, they concluded their "data appear to indicate that for the study sites investigated, the majority of the sand units were produced during episodes of climate deterioration both prior to and after the well-known period of Medieval warmth (MWP)," which period, based on information listed in their Table 1, occurred between AD 800 and 1400.