Plant Photosynthesis (Net CO2 Exchange Rate) Responses
to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment

Natural Communities or Ecosystems

   300ppm   600ppm   900ppm 
Plant Name  Number of
 Number of
 Number of
[Phytoplanktonic assemblage characteristic of south china sea coastal waters] 1-6%0%        
10 Species of Tropical Forest Tree Seedlings 1-5%0%        
12 Species Ecosystem 322.7%5.5%        
12 Species From Fertile Permanent Grassland 1567.5%13.2%        
7 Species Ecosystem 431.8%9.7%        
Alpine grassland dominated by Carex curvula 266.5%15.2%        
Calcareous Grassland (C3) 1127.4%2.8%        
Calcareous Grassland Community in the Swiss Jura Mountains 249.5%3.2%        
Calcareous Grassland dominated by Bromus erectus (Hudson) 328%2.9%        
California Annual Grassland 220.5%2.5%        
California Annual Grassland on Sandstone-Derived Soil 221%3.5%        
California Annual Grassland on Serpentine-Derived Soil 211%0.7%        
California Grassland of Mostly Small Annual Species 330.7%18.5%        
Chaparral ecosystem dominated by shrubs 1185%0%        
Duke Forest dominated by Loblolly Pine and other trees, shrubs and vines 251%6.4%        
Ecosystem, Ten Species of Tropical Forest Tree Seedlings 110%0%        
Ecosystem, Understory Plants in a Spruce Model Ecosystem 253%9.9%        
EUROFACE Poplar Plantation 182%0%        
European Beech and Norway Spruce Ecosystem 645.5%12.5%        
Filamentous algae dominated by Zygnema species, but also containing some Mougeotia and Spirogyra         3361.7%260.7%
Forest Canopy in Lysimeter [Eucalyptus spp. and Acacia spp.] 153%0%        
Grassland Community 219%2.8%        
Grassland Community, Annual 457.3%22.4%        
Grassland [High-species-diversity temperate grazed in New Zealand] 370.7%37.8%        
Grassland [Species-poor on a peaty gley soil] 150%0%        
Grassland [Species-rich on a brown earth soil over limestone] 156%0%        
Irish Neutral Grassland Community 428.5%6.8%        
Linum usitatissimum L. [Common Flax] in mixed stands with Silene cretica 263.5%15.9%        
Loblolly pine seedlings plus a variety of C3 and C4 weeds 20%15.6%        
Longleaf pine savannahs throughout the southeastern United States 542%9.9%        
Mixed Community of White Clover and Buffalo Grass 623.5%5.2%        
Mixed stand of Quaking Aspen and Paper Birch 776.3%13.6%        
Mixed stand of Quaking Aspen and Sugar Maple 3122.3%42.8%        
Narrowleaf plantain/tall fescue mixture 250%0%        
Native Riparian Community of the United Kingdom 223%2.1%        
Native Tallgrass Prairie 362%17.4%        
Native Tallgrass Prairie Dominated by Andropogon gerardii Vitman 213.5%9.5%        
Natural Ecosystem Composed Primarily (more than 95% of its biomass) of Yellow Birch and White Birch 239%12.7%        
Non-grazed Grassland Near Giessen, Germany 523.6%8.4%        
Non-legume Dicot Component of a New Zealand Dry Sandy Pasture 1338%0%        
Nutrient-Poor Semi-Natural Grassland 120%0%        
Orchard Grass and Red Clover Pasture in Switzerland 1229.1%5.7%        
Pasture 129%0%        
Pasture Ecosystem 112%0%        
Peat communities from Wales 6104.7%13%        
Perennial Grassland of Cedar Creek Natural History Area in central Minnesota, USA 324.3%4.9%        
Perennial Ryegrass and White Clover Mixture         119%0%
Phytoplankton Communities of the Nutrient-Poor Central Atlantic Ocean 210.5%1.1%        
Phytoplankton Community of a Fjord in Southern Norway 123%0% 133%0%    
Phytoplanktonic assemblage characteristic of south china sea coastal waters [] 1-6%0%        
Pristine Tallgrass Prairie 323.3%12.2%        
Scrub-Oak Ecosystem 298.5%39.2%        
Scrub Oak Palmetto Ecosystem 369.3%20.8%        
Semi-Natural Grassland 327.3%11.4%        
Semi-natural grassland in central Sweden 434.3%12.2%        
Semi-Natural Grassland in Minnesota, USA 117%0%        
Shortgrass steppe in NE Colorado 1334.5%4.2%        
Silene cretica in mixed stands with Common Flax 298.5%17.3%        
Six Hardwood Tree Species 258%4.9%        
Southern China Ecosystem Of Six Tree Species [Tree ecosystem] 428.8%4.6%        
Southern California Chaparral Ecosystem 3246.7%13.4%        
Swiss Lowland Deciduous Forest 1100%0%        
Ten Species of Tropical Forest Tree Seedlings 110%0%        
Tree ecosystem [Southern China Ecosystem Of Six Tree Species] 428.8%4.6%        
Understory Deciduous Trees in a Pinus taeda L. Plantation 170%0%        
Understory Plants in a Spruce Model Ecosystem 333.7%13.4%        
Understory Plants in a Spruce Model Ecosystem 253%9.9%        
Understory Vegetation of a Sweetgum Plantation 13%0%        
Wetland Communities Comprised of Native Graminoids and Reed Canary Grass 441.5%10%        

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