How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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N-Fixers vs. Non-N-Fixers

Natural Disasters
   See Weather Extremes

Natural Variability of Climate
   Centennial Variability
   Decadal Variability
      North America
   Millennial Variability
      Forcing Factors
      North America
      South America


   Carbon Sequestration
   Progressive Limitation Hypothesis
      Loblolly Pine

Nitrogen Fixation
   Aquatic Plants
   Herbaceous Plants
   Woody Plants

Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Nitrous Oxide

Nonstructural Carbohydrates

Non-Vascular Plants

North Atlantic Deep Water

Nuclei of Cloud Particles

Nutrient Acquisition

Nutrients x CO2 Effects on Plants
      Ammonium vs. Nitrate
      Crops: Other
      Crops: Rice
      Crops: Wheat
      Trees: Aspen
      Trees: Other
      Trees: Pine
      Trees: Spruce