How does rising atmospheric CO2 affect marine organisms?

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Geologic Epochs

Glacial-Interglacial Cycles

   Australia/New Zealand
   North America
   South America

Global Warming
   Early Detection
   Soil Effects
   Vegetation Effects


   Biomass Individual Species
   Biomass Mixed Species
   Biomass Whole Communities
   Carbon Sequestration
   Fungal Interactions with Roots
   Soil Moisture
   Water Use Efficiency

Great Barrier Reef

Green Revolution

Greenhouse Effect

Greening of the Earth
         Tibetan Plateau
      Other Countries
      The Distant and Historic Past
      The Recent Past
      The Future
   North America
      Central USA
      Eastern USA
      Entire Continent
      High Latitude Regions
      Western USA
   South America

   Ice Sheet
   Temperature History

Growing Season

Growth Response to CO2 with Other Variables
   Multiple Variables
         Ammonium vs. Nitrate
         Crops: Other
         Crops: Rice
         Crops: Wheat
         Trees: Aspen
         Trees: Other
         Trees: Pine
         Trees: Spruce
   Non-Ozone Air Pollutants
      Agricultural Species
      Tree Species
   Plant Hormones
   Salinity Stress
      Agricultural Crops
      Grassland Species
      Woody Plants
   UV-B Radiation
      Marine Ecosystems
      Terrestrial Ecosystems
   Water Submergence
   Water Stress
      Agricultural Crops
      Grassland Species
      Woody Plants

Growth Response to Very High CO2 Concentrations
   Aquatic Plants
   Terrestrial Plants

Growth Response to Very Low CO2 Concentrations