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Europe MWP Tables

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Level 1 Studies
   Apennines, Italy
   Austrian Alps
   Central Scandinavian Mountains, Sweden
   Dürres Maar, Germany
   Egelsee Bog, Central Switzerland
   French Alps
   Grotta Savi, Southeast Alps of Italy
   Jämtland, Central Scandinavian Mountains, Sweden
   Khibiny Mountains, Kola Peninsula, Northwest Russia
   Kong-B, Kongressvatnet, West Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway
   Lake Cadagno, Piora Valley, Southern Switzerland
   Lake Joux, Jura Mountains, Switzerland
   Lake Korttajarvi, Central Finland
   Lake Laihalampi, Southern Boreal Zone of Finland
   Lake Neuchatel, Jura Mountains, Switzerland
   Lake Pieni-Kauro, Kuhmo, Kainuu Province, Eastern Finland
   Lake Redon, Central Pyrenees, Northeast Spain
   Lake Silvaplana, Upper Engadine, Eastern Swiss Alps, Switzerland
   Lake Skardtjorna, Western Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway
   Lake Stora Viðarvatn, Northeast Iceland
   Lake Toskaljavri, Northern Fenoscandia
   Lake Tsuolbmajavri, Finnish Lapland
   Loch Sunart, Northwest Scotland Coast
   Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway
   North Icelandic Shelf
   Northern Fennoscandia
   Northern Icelandic Coast
   Northern Icelandic Shelf, North Atlantic Ocean
   Northern Icelandic Shelf, North Atlantic Ocean
   Northern Scandinavia
   Northern Sweden and Finland
   Northwest Spain Peat Bog
   Piancabella Rock Glacier, Sceru Valley, Southern Swiss Alps
   Polar Ural Mountains, Russia
   Seebergsee, Northern Swiss Alps, Switzerland
   Spannagel Cave, Central Alps, Austria
   Spannagel Cave, Central Alps, Austria
   Swedish Scandes
   Tagus River Estuary, off Lisbon, Portugal
   Tornetrask Area of Northern Sweden
   Tornetrask Area, Swedish Lapland
   Vardø, Northern Norway
   Voring Plateau, Eastern Norwegian Sea
   West Coast of Norway to the Kola Peninsula of NW Russia

Level 2 Studies
   Berre Lagoon, Southeast France
   Cueva Mayor, Northern Meseta, Spain
   Cueva del Cobra, Cantabrian Range, Northern Spain
   Eastern Gotland Basin, Baltic Sea
   Eastern Gotland Basin, Central Baltic Sea
   European Alps, Switzerland
   Gallipoli Terrace, Gulf of Taranto, Ionian Sea, Central Mediterranean
   Gdansk, Northern Poland
   Gorner Glacier, Alps of Valais, Switzerland
   Great Aletsch Glacier, Alps of Valais, Switzerland
   Korallgrottan, Caledonian Mountain Range, Jämtland County, Sweden
   Lake Haukadalsvatn, West Iceland
   Lake Hvítárvatn, Central Iceland
   Lake Korttajarvi, Central Finland
   Lake Lehmilampi, Eastern Finland
   Lake Lehmilampi, Finland
   Lake Toporowy Staw Nizni, Tatra Mountains, Southern Poland
   Lomonosovfonna Ice Core, Svalbard, Norway
   Middle and Southern Ural Mountains, Russia
   Middle and Southern Urals, Russia
   Northern Icelandic Shelf, North Atlantic Ocean
   Oberer Landschitzsee, an Alpine Lake in the Southern Austrian Alps
   Orco River Valley, Northwestern Italian Alps, Italy
   Smreczynski Straw Lake, Tatra Mountains, Southern Poland
   Southern Swedish Scandes, Sweden
   Southern Swedish Scandes II, Sweden
   Southwestern Tver Province, Russia
   Svalbard, Norway
   York, England

Level 3 Studies
   Ashdod Coast, Eastern Mediterranean
   Bay of Vilaine, Atlantic Coast of France
   Czech Republic
   Dosenmoor Bog, Northern Germany
   Estanya Gran Lake, Pre-Pyrenees, Spain
   Esthwaite Water, Windermere Catchment, England
   European Margin of the North Atlantic
   Finland's Southern Boreal Forest, Near Savonlinna, Finland
   Glacier du Miage, Mont Blanc, Western Alps, Italy
   Gulf of Taranto, Ionian Sea
   Iberian Peninsula
   Impiltis Archaeological Site, Northwest Lithuania
   Kaldbaksfjord, Faeroe Islands
   Kongressvatnet, Svalbard, Western Spitsbergen, Norway
   Lake Anterne, Northern French Alps, France
   Lake Hvítárvatn, Central Iceland
   Lake Montcortès, Northeast Spain
   Lake Nautajärvi, Finland
   Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park, South Central Iberian Peninsula, Spain
   Lower Grindelwald Glacier, Bernese Alps, Switzerland
   Malangen Fjord, Norway
   Marennes-Oléron Bay, France
   Mongan Bog, Central Ireland
   Mt. Storsnasen, Southern Swedish Scandes, Sweden
   Outer Hebrides, Scotland
   Ría de Muros, Northwest Iberian Peninsula, Spain
   Ría de Vigo, Northwest Iberia, Spain
   Russkaya Gavan' Fjord, Novaya Zemlya
   Saki Lake, Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine
   Skagerrak, Northeast North Sea
   Southern Finland
   Svanemose Bog, East Coast of Jutland, Denmark
   Taravilla Lake, Central Iberian Range, Spain
   Temple Hill Moss, Southeast Scotland, United Kingdom
   Three Estuaries off the Atlantic Coast of France